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                  1. INNOVATE

                    R&D Center

                    Modern R&D center, perfect R&D system
                    The R&D center covers an area of 2400 square meters, and has advanced laboratory facilities 。There are Solid preparation laboratory, freeze drying laboratory and pilot laboratory. The main instruments are waters, Agilent, SHIMADZU and other models of HPLC, UPLC, GC, LCMS, infrared instruments, particle size instrument ,pre-hplc and such a complete range of testing instruments.
                    R & D team is excellent, stable, with solid theoretical knowledge and extensive practical experience. There are 42 R & D professionals, including 1 doctor, 10 masters, 6 senior titles and 5 licensed pharmacists.
                    We have 8 Jiangsu high-tech products , 9 Suzhou high-tech products, 19 new national drugs that are 3 second sorts of new drugs, 3 third sorts of new drugs, 4 forth sorts of new drugs and 9 fifth sorts of new drugs. We also are Jiangsu enterprise technology center & Jiangsu engineering technology research center.

                    R&D Achievements

                    in recent three years

                    2016:Approved 5 Drug Registration Approval Forms :
                    Cefepime Hydrochloride for Injection、Clindamycin Phosphate for Injection、Diammonium Glycyrrhizinate for Injection、Thymopentin for Injection、Acetylglutamide for injection。
                    2015:Approved 5 Drug Registration Approval Forms:
                    Flupirtine Maleate API & Flupirtine Maleate Capsules、lurasidone hydrochloride API & lurasidone hydrochloride Capsules、Piperacillin sodium and sulbactam sodium for injection,Trimetazidine Hydrochloride Capsules,Clopidogrel Sulfate Tablets。
                    2014:Approved 2 Drug Registration Approval Forms :
                    Adefovir dipivoxil API & Adefovir dipivoxil Capsules、Enoxaparin API & Enoxaparin for injection

                    NANJING TECH UNIVERSITY
                    SOOCHOW UNIVERSITY
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